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There is Composition - The Trilogy
Stark Romance
Babel Game
Bath Stories

Bathstories liyterally came into existence when I was lying in the bath and playing with my know, when your lying in the bath there is this echo that makes your voice sound nice. But when you go under the water you don't hear anything anymore. You don't hear anything anymore but you can feel the bloodstream in your body. And after a while you can hear the beat - t - t - t of your heart. And when you come out of the water again there are all these nice splashy sounds. And you can take water into your mouth and speak at the same time and lots of other fun things. And I began to tell stories. I made up bathstories by remembering my childhood and I asked other people for their thoughts, memories, associations and feelings about bathing. I wrote them into stories. The best thing was that it was so much fun to practice them. I needed to have a bath every time.
As there is a bit of a reverb in the bathroom, I could really work on the phatic sounds of speech that I am very intirgued by. For me, in them manifests the presence of the body in speech . In the performance this was increased by the audience's knowledge of my naked body lying in the bath, where they couldn't see it as we were devided by a curtain.