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There is Composition - The Trilogy
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Bath Stories

The Composition Trilogy

The Composition Trilogy started off as a simple piece called There is Composition. It dealt with rhythmic phenomena on which the individual's life is grounded. It begins with universal rhythms: the solar system, the earth rotating around the sun, the moon rotating around the earth, the planets affecting the earth: seasons, tides, the climate, day and night etc. These in combination with the previous affect the human body. Heartbeat, breath, blood circulation, sleep, hunger. Human live life under the domination of rhythmic natural phenomena. But There is Composition is not concerned with mankind as a whole, it deals with the individual. How does the individual find a way of living? Gertrude Stein’s concept of composition as an explanation of history gave more shape to the piece. “Everything is the same, except composition. And as the composition is different and always will be different, everything is not the same.” “The composition is the thing living”. It is made by all those alive through their living. It represents the time in which we are living. That’s what the individual does. The individual is unique, yet it is so only in its composition. Taken apart, the individual consists of pieces that are neither new nor unique in themselves. The bath story investigates in detail the human bodily rhythms and what might happen if the rhythm skips. The offbeat story speaks about a girl being born on an offbeat. Everybody’s life is marked by a particular rhythm (a composition) that s/he creates in his/her living. This girl struggles to find a rhythm because she was born outside rhythm. Yet she finds out that it is this outside, off the beat, that is the beat, the rhythm of her life. There is Composition happens inside a very small and limited world, the world of the individual that has not yet gotten in touch with the world in which it lives. Only in the end, there is a moment, that reveals an opening to the external. It happens in a dance, even if it may be just a fictional dance, it opens up in the girl's imagination to a world of encounters with people who live along their rhythms..

There is Composition 2 takes this limited space inside which the whole of There is Composition 1 has happened as its starting point. It marks this safe space with a Deleuzian chalk circle. Yet the chalk circle is being opened up and the girl goes out into the world. The journey becomes an adventure of encounters and stories. There is Composition 2 tries to investigate the Rhythms of the different places and the different encounters on this journey. Wim Wenders speaks about the similarity between journeys and stories. Both are an adventure through time and space. They mark time and space. Here, the journeys and the stories that form part of the journey, weave into a collage that is marked by a very repetitive rhythm: a song that reappears, a piano tune that is always being played in combination with a fictional text. Anecdotes on amorous encounters that help to shape the rhythm in a place. Lists of the good things of a place: apple pie, rainbows and friendliness. The performer moves between different performance modes. As a lecturer she speaks about notions of departure, journey, arrival, rhythm and belonging. They are simple matter of fact truths, in which she won’t allow the slightest doubt. Where she lacks the right words she replaces them with gestures. At some point they seem to take over, turning the transmitting of information into a poetic dance. On the other hand there is a character speaking about anecdotes from her life. The different romantic encounters she has experienced in the different places.

There is Composition 2 takes us away from our safe centre and attempts to give answers of how to find home elsewhere.